t is indispensable to be a successful entrepreneur

in the era of public entrepreneurship, everyone’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm is very high, but in the end to stand on the site of victory, but also have some practice. This year want to be a successful entrepreneur, the following nine capacity can not be missing, a look at it.

1 automatic control

if you want to conquer the world, you have to conquer yourself.

entrepreneurship is a process of integration and control of human, financial, material, information and other resources, the pursuit of success. To effectively manage others and other external resources, entrepreneurs must first be able to effectively manage their own.

self-control ability is the ability of self-management, self-restraint and self-control, which is characterized by stable positive emotional state, consistent professional attitude, good behavior habits and reliable personality traits. Self-control ability of the people in the face of setbacks and pressure, it can successfully achieve the psychological adjustment, can calm disposition face all kinds of unexpected events, and dispersed, floating interest goal and behavior habits slovenliness, can not control their own desires, can not effectively manage their time are poor self-control performance. The lack of self-control can not control their own behavior, it is even more difficult to adapt to the challenges of the entrepreneurial process, it is difficult to lead new ventures to success.

survey found that in our country, known as the "90" generation of the only child population and the parents grew up in difficult circumstances, their self-control and self-discipline is relatively weak. If you want to start a business, it is clear that the first to improve self-control and self-discipline. Iwill powerful training system will give just out of the campus students offer full training, including how to make positive thinking, time management, dealing with negative emotions and unexpected events, and even help just entering the market is not mature enough to remind you, you can direct supervision, good self control. Iwill, help you locate, centering, stereotypes, until success!

2 planning capabilities

strategist, winning thousands of miles away.

The most important task of

entrepreneurs is to develop strategies, and people and wealth are the two core elements of strategy. The ability of entrepreneurs in the performance plan: determine the strategic objectives of the enterprise, rational allocation and effective arrangement of enterprise financial and material, technology, information and other resources, competition strategy, construction and accumulation of enterprise competitive advantage.

in the process of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs must carefully plan the important topics including: we have what resources? What can I do? What is good? In the target market, which demand has not been fully satisfied? Compared with other competitors, our products or services in terms of price, quality, speed of response is.