Crystal jewelry shop small business opportunities large profits

relative to the real estate investment, or to create a company, open a crystal flower jewelry store, is really a very small investment, but because the market demand is huge, and make the business a huge burst of rich ability to its operators to bring huge profits!

common single crystal flower in the price of 20 yuan to 50 yuan, while the crystal flower price is basically in more than 200 yuan. Behind the curtain is a 20 square meters of a small room, is the production and processing of crystal flower jewelry processing places, in addition to workers, also can let the guests make their own DIY, a piece of fine.

she in the processing and production of crystal brooch as an example, according to the single daily processing of crystal corsage 30 – 50 processing fees 3.6 yuan / piece, according to one day at least 40 gold standard production calculation can be obtained on the processing fee of 40 × 3.6 yuan / gold = 144 yuan / day; now she hired 6 person, the monthly available processing fee: 144 yuan / day × for 30 days; × 6 = 25920 yuan.

this amazing ability to get rich? However, this is not a small series of guessing, but according to the actual cases and, thus, even small crystal flower shop, as long as it meets the needs of the times, can make a great big business!