How to join Adidas in small cities

era of national sports, people have to understand the major sports brands, which Adidas has long known, won a high degree of public recognition, so joining Adidas is a good choice to get rich. Do Adidas agents do not know the threshold is not high?


to join the Adidas brand, some problems that we should know:

1, the basic mode is how to join, what security and services and preferential policies?

2, need to pay the fee and deposit? How much?

3, the first purchase how much money? What is the minimum monthly purchase? What is the discount rate? How many orders will be held every year? Replenishment assured? Replacement rate, the probability of floating monthly minimum purchase amount is how much?

4, the return system? What is the exchange rate? At the end of the season to 100% replacement?

5, the national uniform price? Seasonal discounts? Distribution way? How to calculate the freight?

6, clothing prices are what price? There is no anti profit, how much? Store basic renovation costs?

7, how much store? What is the total cost before opening? How much liquidity do you need?

8, your company is to provide the store’s design style, decoration, or design, is responsible for the local publicity, costs?

9, the store’s publicity, racks, trousers racks, bags, etc., are free of charge?

10, municipal areas, small cities can join?

if you are ready for these problems, and then refer to the following conditions to join Adidas consulting matters, I believe we can have the harvest.


1, general contact ADI words must first look for the dealer, because only it can give you the shipping, and Adidas headquarters basically do not open this permission. Adidas in each province has a general agent, in this area of the store are provided by him to supply