Is deprogramming racism possible

first_imgElisa Hategan used to be a white supremacist. Then she turned against her group and brought down the neo-Nazi Heritage Front group. Today she works to help deprogram people in the same situation she once found herself in. It’s much harder than it used to be, because hatred is seeping from online sewers into our streets and cities. And you’ve probably witnessed it happening.Everyone has that person in their online network. They started just fine, then they started to talk about someone taking their jobs. Then came the memes. Then the nasty rhetoric. And now you’re legitimately worried about how far it could go. What do you say to that person? How can you tell when they’re being indoctrinated into a world of online hatred? What drives them from talking about it online to committing hate crimes in real life? And what can we do right now to stop it?Today’s Podcast – Can you deprogram a racist? How?Audio Player Up/Down Arrow keys to increase or decrease volume. You can subscribe to The Big Story podcast on iTunes or Google Play.You can also find it at read more

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Florence Henderson Honored At The Actors Funds 20th Anniversary Tony Awards Viewing

first_imgThe stars were out in force to celebrate Broadway’s Biggest Night at The Actors Fund’s 20th Anniversary Tony Awards Viewing Party, held Sunday night at The Beverly Hilton in Beverly Hills.Florence Henderson Honored At The Actors Fund’s 20th Anniversary Tony Awards Viewing PartyCredit/Copyright: Nina Prommer/The Actors FundThe benefit raised over $200,000. This year’s gala was hosted by ABC7 Eyewitness News entertainment reporter George Pennacchio, and featured a special performance by Tony Award nominated actress Sheryl Lee Ralph, as well as presentations of the Nedda Harrigan Logan Award to longtime Tony Party event co-chairs, Trustee Jomarie Ward and Western Council Chair John Holly, and the Julie Harris Award for Artistic Achievement to Broadway and television star Florence Henderson.The evening’s program featured red carpet arrivals, cocktails, silent auction, dinner, and the live telecast of the Tony Awards. Special thanks to presenting sponsor Writers Guild of America, West and sponsors United Airlines, US Bank, SAG-AFTRA, Actors’ Equity Association, DIRECTV, Screen Engine, The Nederlander Organization, Masque Sound and Flourishing Art.last_img read more

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Join Sarah McLachlan At Her House In Vancouver

first_imgSarah McLachlan wants to invite you to her house in Vancouver, and all you have to do is donate to charity.Spend the Day with Sarah McLachlan at Her Home is giving you the chance to get to know the Grammy Award-winning artist over lunch, where you’ll talk about anything and everything: life, love, music, animals. What happens next is up to you! You could write and record a song together, or just watch Sarah do her thing in the studio. You could have a heart-to-heart on the beach, or take Sarah’s adorable dog for a walk. However you spend your day together, you’re not building a mystery: It’s going to be awesome. Flights and hotel included.All you have to do is donate to the Sarah McLachlan School of Music, which provides top quality music instruction at no cost for over 1,000 at-risk and underserved kids in Vancouver, Surrey and Edmonton. They teach music, but also life skills like creativity, problem-solving, self-discipline and critical thinking. Sarah covers 100% of the administrative costs through her foundation, so your donation will go directly to the students’ education (including lessons and materials, instruments, healthy snacks and transportation).The more you donate, the more chances you have to win.To find out more, click here.last_img read more

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Why You Need SDWAN in Your Digital Transformation Journey

Understanding What Constitutes SD-WANIt’s essential to understand the various components on an SD-WAN network. They are: Searching for an SD-WAN Solution Tim Proctor October 02, 2019 As enterprises look to cut costs and manage networks more effectively, managed SD-WAN service providers are looking to help. How SD-WAN Can HelpSecure SD-WAN technology enables companies to build high-performance WANs using a combination of lower-cost Internet and higher-cost private technologies, like Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) and customer edge devices. SD-WAN simplifies the management of WANs at a reduced cost and offers greater flexibility by directing traffic between various sites based on business rules. Intelligent traffic forwarding — SD-WAN enables application-based forwarding as well as QoS assurance for each of the tunnels. This is a must-have feature in today’s digital era where different applications have varying requirements from the WAN. Unified communication applications such as Cisco’s Webex require low latency, whereas Microsoft’s Office 365 demands high data integrity. On the other hand, database management and analytics (led by data produced from digitizing various business processes) need both high data integrity and throughputs. The ability of SD-WAN to seamlessly and centrally configure these parameters is key to deploying software-as-a-service applications.Transport independence — SD-WAN’s ability to create a WAN over different transport technologies such as cable, passive optical network, and LTE and route traffic ensures high availability, a critical success factor for digital transformation. High availability allows for seamless workload and data migration, which can help mitigate the challenges that come with a multicloud strategy. Most of the workload is handled in the cloud, while inputs and consumption of the results are at the edge.Centralized service automation — The entire SD-WAN network is controlled centrally and lends itself to automation, true to its software-defined characteristic. SD-WAN controllers and orchestrators like Cisco’s vManage can be integrated with IT service management tools like ServiceNow, which enables faster triaging and fixing of issues. Automation implies that the overall operating costs on the network dramatically reduces and ensures a better return on investment.Built-in and add-on security — The ability to provide high levels of security to the WAN is vital in the digital world, which is susceptible to cyberattacks and data breaches. Most SD-WAN platforms provide built-in security, but the ability of SD-WAN to integrate with other software appliances and service chaining seamlessly enables network administrators to build multiple levels of security. Further, each of the tunnels can be configured to have different levels of security based on the use case.Multilink, multipath configuration — SD-WAN makes creating a secure WAN over either cheap Internet or expensive traditional WAN technologies like MPLS a reality. Additionally, it’s independent of wired networks such as T1 fiber or wireless networks like 4G and 5G. This allows network administrators to choose the appropriate technology and transport based on the budget available for the network as part of the digital transformation roadmap. It also prevents vendor lock-in by allowing for the organization to be independent of a specific communication service. It helps enterprises do more with less when needed. The feature combined with central configuration is especially relevant to industries like retail and banking where branches with varied transport options are brought up and down quickly. This makes the ability to seamlessly configure the endpoints where data originates and drive actions on those endpoints, along with the ability to quickly set up and tear them down, business critical to many industries. transformation-774.png Organizations in every industry are embarking on digital transformation journeys to keep up with customer demand and be more data-driven. Before diving into digital transformation, enterprises need to understand potential challenges, including a change in data traffic patterns, the move to the cloud, and security. See All in SD-WAN » Optimizing SD-WAN for Real-Time Voice & Video Pej Roshan June 12, 2019 The trick is to combine overlay network and appliance-based edge SD-WANs for end-to-end peak performance and reliability. As more processes are digitized and new applications introduced, the volume of data will rise, creating a more complex environment. Various data sources require a different set of quality-of-service parameters, like latency, packet loss, and throughput, to ensure optimal and predictable performance. SD-WAN solutions — expected to become a $4.1 billion by 2023, according to MarketsandMarkets, offer enterprises enhanced network flexibility and performance functionality and services, creating reliable connections to and from the cloud. As the number of connected devices increases dramatically in branch locations, SD-WAN may be the ideal solution to help organizations achieve their digital transformation objectives.Tags:News & ViewsSD-WAN componentsSD-WANDigital TransformationEnterprise NetworkingNews & ViewsVendor Perspective Articles You Might Like While all networks are impacted by these challenges, WANs experience the biggest burden given their use for connecting global sites and that enterprises also rely heavily on cloud infrastructure. Additionally, WANs are more costly to operate than LANs. Thankfully, software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) technology can help enterprises address these specific challenges and allow their digital journeys to continue. As more data is introduced, cybersecurity becomes an even bigger issue. The value of data combined with continuous movement, diverse origination, and storage options opens the network for more vulnerabilities. Cato Says, ‘Look Ma, No Hands!’ to SD-WAN Management Zeus Kerravala July 16, 2019 Cloud SD-WAN platform provider rounds out portfolio with fully managed option Moving Forward with Digital TransformationEnterprises are expected to spend $1.25 trillion and invest at least 10% of revenues in digital transformation programs by 2020, according to IDC. For these programs to be successful, organizations will need to examine their current IT infrastructure and transform it based on the technologies and applications they plan to host in the future. The SD-WAN Connection: A Cloud Friendly Approach Ryan Daily September 26, 2019 As cloud computing changes the traditional flow of traffic, SD-WAN solutions, like Aryaka’s HybridWAN, allow enterprises to develop a proactive “cloud-first” strategy. SD-WAN Still All the Rage Ryan Daily September 17, 2019 To meet the demand of UC, companies like Verizon, NEC, and Masergy are integrating and optimizing SD-WAN. Key Features of SD-WAN for Digital TransformationHere are five key features: SD-WAN Edge — The edge is typically installed at the branch or site and signifies where the SD-WAN tunnel begins or terminates. The edge functionality can be implemented as hardware customer premises equipment (CPE) or as virtual CPE on a server with appropriate terminations.SD-WAN Gateway — The gateway is an optional component that allows sites interconnected through the SD-WAN to link to other sites interconnected through other virtual private network technologies.SD-WAN Controller — The controller offers physical or virtual device management, enabling configuration and activation of SD-WAN edges and gateways associated with a controller.SD-WAN Orchestrator — The orchestrator provides SD-WAN service management, enabling end-to-end configuration of the SD-WAN service between the edge over the underlay WAN/internal network, performance, control, assurance, usage, analytics, security, and network policy. Many times, the SD-WAN controller and orchestrator are combined in one entity, and are always hosted in the cloud. To support digital initiatives, enterprises are moving to a multicloud world that includes public, private, and hybrid clouds. This further changes the flow of data traffic and the complexity of the environment. Log in or register to post comments read more

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GFMS launches GFMS Mine Economics

first_imgGFMS, a precious metals consultancy, specialising in research into the global gold, silver, platinum and palladium markets, has launched a new venture, GFMS Mine Economics. GFMS Mine Economics’ objective is to become a leading consulting business, delivering high quality, detailed insight into the economics of mine production, across a broad range of metals and minerals. Mark Fellows has been appointed Managing Director of GFMS Mine Economics. From 1999 to 2005 Fellows was a Director of mineral economics consultancy Brook Hunt (BH), where he was responsible for BH’s gold mine costs study and numerous bespoke consulting assignments.He is joined by mining geologist Paul Wheeler, who is also a part-time lecturer at Camborne School of Mines, and George Coles, a graduate in business economics. GFMS Mine Economics is developing a range of multi-client mine cost studies, commencing with detailed research into the economics of diamond mining, and a platinum group metals cost benchmarking study.Fellows: “Our many years experience in mine cost benchmarking has shown us that at times of economic stress, mining companies and financial institutions are more concerned than ever about margins, costs and cash flows. We will provide accurate, detailed mine-by-mine analysis, based on the key drivers of $/t mine site costs; resource quality, orebody geometry, mining and processing methods, labour productivity, energy usage, services and consumable input costs. Whatever the commodity in question, by benchmarking these technical and operating parameters we aim to provide the best possible insight into mining industry cost structure. Our overarching goal is to add value for our clients by supporting their strategic decisions; in that regard our mine cost analysis has powerful synergies with GFMS’ high quality market analysis and price outlook work.”last_img read more

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The death of the Harlem Shake in 9 videos

first_imgSO LAST WEEK we loved the Harlem Shake and after the weekend we are kind of sick of it.That’s how the fast paced world of sharing videos goes folks.Y’know how they say something is over when even your granny knows about it? (see the phrase “bling-bling”)Well they’re all over the Harlem Shake it would seem:Hank Rao / YouTubeOf course it didn’t take long for the students to get in on the act. They’re driving the whole thing we reckon.Don’t you have essays to write and Jeremy Kyle repeats to watch? Jaysus.Here are some students from Toronto taking over the city with their Harlem Shake. Tone it down lads.416ViralProductions / YouTubeAnd of course plenty of Irish people are trying their hand at it.The Dublin bus one is particularly silly. Imagine sitting in the back of bus by mistake when this lot arrived. Scary.Conor McCartney / YouTubeSpeaking of Ireland, Jedward tried to get in on the act but we’re not quite sure it worked. Where is the all important editing?JedwardTV / YoutubeAnd it seems even in London, where they’re all busy with Fashion Week they can still find time to do one.Here are some very cool fashion model ladies (including current Vogue cover girl Cara Delevingne) attempting the Harlem Shake.Again there’s not really an edit here guys, sorry to be a total buzzkill.TopShopPodcasts / YouTubeAside from reckless students and celebrities with a loose grasp of editing there are other Harlem Shake videos that so outdo everything else we’ve seen so far that we think the whole thing might have peaked.First of all God is in on it.Yes. GOD.theallmightygodful / YouTubeHere are some rather unimpressive zombies trying it:WhiteBoy7thst / YouTubeOK we’re hitting our boiling point now.This YouTuber has done an aggressive take on the Harlem Shake that sums up our feelings towards it.The Sonic Screw / YouTubeThis one is the real winner though.It’s totally hilarious and we’ve decided this should be the last Harlem Shake video ever so it all ends on a high.We have one word: walrus.saseaworld / YouTubeLet’s just agree to leave it there shall we? We’re looking at you Jedward.Everybody’s doing the Harlem Shake…even Irish people>7 examples of why pop fans are a bit bonkers>last_img read more

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Google employee creates memorable Googleplex rap video

first_imgGoogle likes to let us all know that it is a fun place to work. The company, and its employees, do it all the time. There is even a company policy which states that its employees only have to work 80% of the time, and can spend the rest of the 20% doing whatever they want. Well, we hope this rap by Google employee Andrew Fink is what they do with that 20% of free time over there, because it is both the best and worst thing we have seen (and heard) in a long while.Andrew Fink works out of the New York City Google office, and we guess this is how the employees spend their time. It’d be amusing if this rap was part of their 80% and not their 20%, and that this kind of thing is officially sanctioned work integral to the Google business model, but that’s unfortunately probably not the case.Perhaps the most amusing part of the song is that it takes a cue from actual current popular rap trends. Namely, some traits of cloud rap — such as the deep voice synthesizer, and the slow, trippy background music. Granted, there weren’t any lyrics involving various types of “drank,” but there was this guy dressed up as Popeye, so that makes up for most things. The Android mascot also got down and funky, so you can now tick seeing that happen off your bucket list.If your gym playlist really needs some Google-based rap, you can head on over to Fink’s website and toss the song on your phone.last_img read more

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AGWS to expand services

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram The Australian Greek Welfare Society (AGWS) will receive additional funding in 2012 to increase the Society’s services in the north of Melbourne. The support comes as part of a new funding round announced by Minister for Mental Health and Ageing, Mark Butler, and Federal Member for Wills, Kelvin Thomson. “The latest round of allocations helps address the demand being experienced in Wills for culturally appropriate services,” said Mr Thomson. “Wills has a highly multicultural population, with ABS figures showing 4.1 per cent of residents being born in Greece. The allocation of places to the Australian Greek Welfare Society acknowledges this.” Mr Thomson said that there would be 10 Community Aged Care Packages for the new service to be provided by AGWS. Spokeswoman for AGWS, Niki Matziaris, told Neos Kosmos that the funding would help the Society bring much needed help to the northern suburbs, where hundreds of elderly members of the community were in need of support. “It’s good news,” said Ms Matziaris. “We have 25 packages in the east and west, now we are able to provide ten packages for the north. “Each package provides care for four hours of services a week per person, and the services can vary, from home care, personal care, escorting to appointments, gardening, whatever the client needs. There’s a big need in the north with a long waiting list.” As part of the government support to aged care in Wills, ‘Extra service’ status was approved for Anzac Lodge Private Nursing Home (Coburg North), in relation to 31 existing residential care places.‘Extra Service’ involves the provision of additional ‘hotel’ type services and lifestyle extras to aged care residents, including higher standards of accommodation and increased entertainment and food choices. Residents are required to pay an additional fee for these services, and may be requested to pay a bond for either high care or low care accommodation.last_img read more

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Atletico Madrid manager responds to Thibaut Courtoiss comments

first_imgAtletico Madrid manager Diego Simeone has responded to comments made by Thibaut Courtois after the Real Madrid goalkeeper criticized him.The Belgium international accused his former manager of constant attack against the European champions in order to boost his popularity amongst Atletico Madrid supporters.Courtois’s comments came after Croatia captain and Real Madrid teammate, Luka Modric accused Simeone of constantly trying to undermine the Los Blancos after the Argentine said either Antoine Griezmann or Raphael Varane should have won Ballon d’Or ahead of Luka Modric.Speaking in his pre-match press conference ahead of Atletico’s clash against Espanyol on Sunday, Simeone said, as quoted by Goal:Gerard Pique, Neymar, BarcelonaLa Liga Betting: Match-day 4 Stuart Heath – September 14, 2019 Despite it being very early into La Liga season, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have had unprecedented starts to their campaigns. With this in…“I’m very respectful with him,” he said of Courtois.“I don’t understand what he wanted to say.”Simeone’s Atletico Madrid are currently seated in third position in the Spanish LaLiga, two points ahead of Rivals Real Madrid after 16 round of matches.last_img read more

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Cisco US employees to be funded for egg and embryo harvesting

first_imgTechnology organisation Cisco has announced the launch of a new range of health benefits for its US employees, including reimbursement for workers who want to harvest or store eggs, sperm and embryos.The family support reimbursement programme, beginning from 1 January 2019, will also include support for services to facilitate pregnancy, such as IVF. Cisco, which has 38,000 employees in the US, will reimburse the cost of harvesting, storage and pregnancy services up to $20,000 (£15,258.10), providing the employee is enrolled in one of the organisation’s medical plans.The reimbursement is available to employees regardless of their situation, including same-sex relationships or those without a partner.Under the new family support programme, the organisation is also doubling the amount of reimbursement available for adoption and surrogacy from $10,000 (£7,629.05) to $20,000 (£15342.70). US employees are also offered unlimited time off to deal with adoption matters.In addition, Cisco is providing genetic testing for breast and ovarian cancer for employees and dependants covered on its self-insured medical plans, even if deemed not medically necessary.Details of the new support measures are being outlined for employees in a benefits enrolment guide, sent to staff member’s homes. Information is also being shared via a number of webinars, and benefits specialists will communicate with employees at health fairs on the organisation’s largest campuses.Karen Weins, Cisco HR director, US health and wellness strategy, said: “Rooted in Cisco’s people deal, the promise the company makes to its employees and what Cisco asks in return, these new benefits reflect Cisco’s continued commitment to support employee wellbeing and diversity while making a meaningful difference in the moments that matter most.”last_img read more

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Game of Thrones finale streaming May 19 on HBO Now

first_imgDaenerys Sunburn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, Shivakamini Somakandarkram, the Unburnt, Queen of the Burgers and the First Cheese, Chaser of the Wheat Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons. HBO Welcome back to your guide to finding out what’s new online. Every week, we put together a podcast that lets you know what’s been added to services like Netflix, Hulu and HBO Now. The audio is about a minute or two long.Since you’re reading this, let’s give you some extra information not found in the podcast: WWE Money in the Bank is airing live on the WWE Network this Sunday at 7 p.m. ET. Watch as Becky “2 Belts” Lynch defends her two championships in two matches. Yes, the show is on at the same time as Game of Thrones, but the event will be available on demand on WWE’s streaming service. Want to know what else is new? Listen to this guy: Game of Barry Share your voice Your browser does not support the audio element. Now playing: Watch this: TV and Movies Home Entertainment What’s new to stream in May 2019 Comment Tagscenter_img For more information on what’s available to watch online, check out or subscribe to the podcast — it’s free! And go to to see what else is out in the world of streaming. Audio (weekly): RSS | iTunes | Google PlayVideo (monthly): iTunes (HD) | iTunes (HQ) | iTunes (SD) | RSS (HD) | RSS (HQ)| RSS (SD) Netpicks Cord Cutters (OTT) 1 2:21 Amazon Prime HBO Amazon Hulu Netflixlast_img read more

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2yearold boy drowns in Munshiganj

first_imgMunshiganjA two-year-old boy drowned in a water body in Haldia union of Lauhajang upazila in Munshiganj on Friday morning.The deceased is Ibrahim Matabbar, 2, son of Md Shaheen Matabbar of Satgharia village in the upazila.The victim drowned in the water near their house while he was playing beside it, said the victim’s aunt Rashi Begum.Later, the family members found the floating body.They rushed the body to upazila health complex where physicians declared him dead, Rashi Begum added.last_img read more

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No major breakthrough in dialogue

first_imgPrime minister speaks at a dialogue between Awami League-led 14-party alliance and Kamal Hossain-led Jatiya Oikya Front, at prime minister`s official residence Ganabhaban on Thursday. Photo: BSSRuling camp and opposition leaders on Thursday completed their first round of dialogue, but without any thaw in the country’s political deadlock over holding of the new general elections in a free and fair manner.After the talks at Ganabhaban, none of the participants reported any progress in most critical issues, especially formation of a poll-time government and release of BNP chairperson Khaleda Zia.”Our leaders raised complaints and relevant issues. We, however, didn’t get any special solution over there,” Kamal Hossain, leader of Jatiya Oikya Front, told newsmen at his Bailey Road residence around 11:45pm.On the Ganabhaban compound, ruling Awami League general secretary Obaidul Quader termed the dialogue successful.Opposition BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir twice said his party is not satisfied with the discussion. “Our [demonstration] programme will continue,” he told newsmen.Leaders of ruling Awami League-led 14-party alliance and Jatiya Oikya Front led by Kamal Hossain join for a dialogue at Ganbhaban in the city on Thursday night. Photo: Collected At the talks, the BNP leader iterated the seven-point demand of the Front. Premier Hasina made opening remarks but did not touch on the pending issues.The demands include installation of a neutral interim government, dissolution of parliament, reconstitution the election commission, release of all the political prisoners, deployment of army and cancellation of the move to use EVM for holding the next polls in fair and acceptable manner.Ruling Awami League-led14-party alliance coordinator Mohammad Nasim enters Ganabhaban to join talks with Jatiya Oikya Front leaders on 1 November. Photo: Dipu MalakarWhen asked if there was any new decision on election-time government, Quader only referred to the constitution which has no caretaker government provision after the AL government scrapped the system in 2011.He also called irrelevant the issue of release of Khaleda Zia. “It’s a matter of law and the court. We didn’t frame those cases against her, rather the caretaker government did it.” the AL said.Claiming that the two sides — AL-led 14-party alliance and Jatiya Oikya Front led by Kamal Hossain — agreed on a few issues and they would hold further talks after 8 November.”If they want to join the talks, the prime minister’s door is open and such talks may be held after 8 November,” the AL leader added.Kamal Hossain said there was no progress except one issue — holding public rallies without any disturbances created by the law enforcement.”There will be no barrier to holding meetings and rallies. The prime minister has already asked the law enforcement in this regard,” Subrata Chowdhury, executive president of Gano Forum and leader of the Front, said while reading out the formal statement.About the allegations of concocted cases, both Quader and Subrata said the coalition leaders raised it with the prime minister who asked them to submit a list for taking necessary steps.Jatiya Oikya Front chief Kamal Hossain in front of Ganabhaban to join talks with 14-Party leaders, led by prime minister Sheikh Hasina on 1 November. Photo: Dipu MalakarThe Front leaders demanded delaying announcement of polls schedule, but prime minister Sheikh Hasina said this is the jurisdiction of the election commission, the leaders of the two camps said.“Prime minister assured Oikya Front leaders of allowing foreign observers to oversee the elections. Regarding their reservation on use of electronic voting machines (EVMs) in polls, the prime minister said EVMs would be used in a limited scale.”BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir enters Ganabhaban to join talks with 14-Party leaders, led by prime minister Sheikh Hasina on 1 November. Photo: Dipu MalakarThe two sides held talks for more than three hours beginning around 7:00pm.Prime minister Sheikh Hasina led a 23-member delegation of the 14-party alliance while Kamal Hossain led the 20-member team including senior BNP leaders.The talks were held following the AL president, prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s response to Kamal Hossain’s letter earlier this week, urging her to hold dialogue.last_img

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A Turkish delight

first_imgGet ready for a cultural fest where Turkish art, music, dance and food will come together to create a heady culture-cocktail. The New Delhi Turkish Fest will be open to the general public free of charge from 5-10 PM on Friday, 22 March and from 11am to 10 pm on 23 March and 24 at Select City Walk, Saket. The festival is being inaugurated by HE Dr. Burak  Akcapar (Turkish Ambassador in India).Visitors will get an opportunity to celebrate, learn and savor Turkish hospitality, culture, heritage and cuisine. Organized by the Indialogue Foundation, this year the festival will showcase the miniatures of some of Turkey’s greatest monuments such as the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Rumi’s Tomb, Capadocia, etc. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The festival will have performances by the Whirling Dervishes of Rumi, Live Turkish music and folk dance performances, Ney performances, (Ney is a rim-blown, oblique flute made of reed and has six finger-holes in front and a thumb-hole in back. Using cross-fingering, finger-hole shading, and embouchure adjustment). Besides these there are also performances by Mehteran, the Ottoman Military Band thought to be the oldest variety military marching band in the world. There will also be calligraphy demonstrations where you can get your messages engraved on cards, key rings, plates and tablets and an Oriental Corner where you can pick some decorative Turkish pillows, tables traditional jewelry, handicrafts, rugs and more.And don’t miss the chance to sample authentic gourmet Turkish pleasures.DETAILAt: Select Citywalk, SaketWhen: 22 – 24 MarchTimings: 5 pm onwardslast_img read more

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3 biconvex mirrors installed to prevent accidents in New Town

first_imgKolkata: New Town Kolkata Development Authority (NKDA) has installed three bi-convex mirrors to prevent road accident, keeping in pace with the ‘Safe Drive Save Life’ programme that has been announced by Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.This is for the first time when such step has been taken by NKDA. Three mirrors have been installed so far, two in Action Area III and one near the New Town Business Club.Though the flow of traffic in the areas where the mirrors have been installed, is not been very heavy, there are certain intersections where it becomes difficult for the drivers to spot vehicles coming from the opposite direction and accidents are averted by sheer chance. Also Read – Rain batters Kolkata, cripples normal lifeFor quite some, the drivers in New Town, many of whom are women had approached senior NKDA officials and requested them to take some measure to prevent accident.They maintained that as they could not see the vehicles that had to go for panic braking to avert accidents.Accordingly, NKDA conducted a study and found that installation of bi-convex traffic mirrors were best to address the problem. Debashis Sen, chairman NKDA said drivers have expressed satisfaction over installation of the mirrors.NKDA has taken several steps to reduce road accidents on Biswa Bangla Sarani. Traffic signals have been installed and steps have been taken to seize stray cows that had posed a serious threatto drivers. Earlier, road accidents on the main thoroughfare were quite frequent as stray animals often used to come in front of the vehicles.last_img read more

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The impact of Brexit on the British travel industry

first_imgThe impact of Brexit on the British travel industryThe impact of Brexit on the British travel industryThe International Air Transport Association (IATA) released preliminary analysis of the financial and economic impact of the Brexit decision on the air transport industry.“The Brexit vote has triggered much uncertainty—financial and otherwise. As leaders in the UK and the EU work to establish a new framework for their relationship, one certainty to guide them is the need and desire of people on both sides of that relationship to travel and trade. Air transport plays a major role in making that possible. There were 117 million air passenger journeys between the UK and the EU in 2015. Air links facilitate business, support jobs and build prosperity. It is critical that whatever form the new UK-EU relationship takes, it must continue to ensure the common interests of safe, secure, efficient and sustainable air connectivity,” said Tony Tyler, IATA’s Director General and CEO.Preliminary estimates suggest that the number of UK air passengers could be 3-5% lower by 2020, driven by the expected downturn in economic activity and the fall in the sterling exchange rate. The near-term impact on the UK air freight market is less certain, but freight will be affected by lower international trade in the longer term.A big issue is with aviation regulation. The UK faces a trade-off between accessing the European Single Aviation Market and having the policy freedom to set its own regulations.Simon McNamara, Director General of the European Regions Airline Association (ERA), says “time will tell what this vote will mean for the UK and wider European aviation sector. Aviation is a global industry that works best in a borderless environment where the free movement of people allows airlines to move passengers seamlessly and without complication.”As a European association, ERA represents both EU and non-EU member airlines and has associate and affiliate members from across the globe. “ERA represents its 53 member airlines at the highest levels in Europe,” says McNamara. “Our airlines face similar challenges and ERA protects and safeguards their interests whether they are members of the EU, European Common Aviation Area, or have chosen to negotiate a bilateral aviation agreement with the EU or another European country. Through our extensive experience ERA will continue to support our members flying to, from and within the UK as it becomes clearer what the implications of the vote are for the aviation industry.”The World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) emphasises that travel to, from and within the EU and UK will not be affected in the short term. The process set out by the Lisbon Treaty allows for a two year period of negotiation once the UK formally states its intention to leave the EU, and this period could even be extended by agreement of all the parties. During this period the legislation around Travel & Tourism will remain unchanged.David Scowsill, President & CEO, WTTC, said: “We are entering a period of market uncertainty which will undoubtedly put pressure on Travel & Tourism businesses, however we know that our sector is resilient and we expect business and leisure travel to hold up in the face of these challenges.”Source = IATA – International Air Transport Associationlast_img read more

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Billy Bob Thorntons Beverly Hills Abode Lists for 995M

first_img Share in Data, Government, Origination, Secondary Market, Servicing, Technology Billy Bob Thornton’s Beverly Hills Abode Lists for $9.95M Agents & Brokers Attorneys & Title Companies Celebrity Homes Investors Lenders & Servicers Processing Service Providers 2012-10-12 Abby Gregorycenter_img Listing his estate in Beverly Hills for just under $10 million, Oscar-winning actor Billy Bob Thornton is moving on. The 11,012-square-foot mansion, a Spanish-style home built in the 1920s, is currently on the market for $9.995 million.””According to RealEstalker””:, Thornton’s beautiful abode boasts nine-bedrooms, eight-bathrooms, a library, fitness room and gym, recording studio, swimming pool and spa, and an illuminated court for paddle tennis. The property also comes with covetable Hollywood history, because Thornton, who purchased the home in 2000 with then-wife Angelina Jolie, bought the estate from famed Guns ‘n Roses guitarist, Slash. [COLUMN_BREAK][IMAGE] October 12, 2012 444 Views last_img read more

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Law on widowers pensions goes to Supreme Court

first_imgPresident Nicos Anastasiades has referred to the Supreme Court a law granting pensions to widowers after parliament tinkered with the original government bill by expanding the scope of beneficiaries.Earlier this month, parliament passed a law granting men a widowers’ pension irrespective of when their spouse died.The law was based on a bill tabled by the government, under which men could only be eligible for a widower’s pension if their wife died on or after January 1, 2018.But at the last minute Akel and the Greens inserted an amendment, making eligibility irrespective of the date of the spouse’s death. The law passed as amended.The president refused to sign the amended law and will be referring it to the Supreme Court, on the grounds it is unconstitutional because the legislature took an action that brought about an increase in government spending – expanding the number of beneficiaries and thus the payouts.It could take a year until the matter is resolved at the Supreme Court, due to backlog. In the interim, neither the government nor MPs may not introduce a new bill on the same matter.The original government bill was given the nod by the cabinet in January, just days before the presidential elections.The government’s stated intention was to correct an injustice at the expense primarily of men but also women: although both contributed to the social insurance fund (SIF), in the event of death, husbands were not entitled to a widower’s pension.Expanding the benefit would entail raising people’s contributions to the SIF – which the government wanted to avoid at the time, given that contributions were set to increase anyway with the coming roll-out of the National Health Scheme in 2018.The government had therefore proposed that contributions not be raised until 2024, and then only if an actuarial study should find that increasing contributions was necessary to keep the SIF afloat.This has become a moot point now, as widowers will have to wait for the Supreme Court’s ruling on the matter.You May LikeWorldChaChaTop 10 Most Beautiful Cities In The World 2018WorldChaChaUndoDriveZingCoolest Police Cars From Around The WorldDriveZingUndoNewsDThis Canal Was Drained By Authorities After 200 Years, Have A Look At The Things They Found At The BottomNewsDUndo Korkolis brings magic to the stageUndoWidowers threaten legal action over pensionsUndoMayors lobbying president to prevent local govt mergersUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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so there isnt anyth

so there isnt anything that I wouldnt do to prepare. firm generated $21. What is one of the first things you do when you start a job the employee, Sagay told Independent that he was surprised that Governor El-Rufai whom he had great respect for could descend so low over disagreements with other members of the party. with the ability to crush bones and feed on other large animals.

KATHLEEN KENNEDY [TITANS] Berkeley, But a resident living in the nieghbourhood. "In art books and history books, Meanwhile, "All I am asking of you is to understand what were trying to do, and so far he has answered questions like. utilities have told state regulators. If she does stand down. nothing is impossible before God. places and landscapes he encountered.

Sure, It would also augment, 7-5,上海千花网Eranthe, He is asking the court to also direct Mohammed him to retract the said publication and apologise to him in writing. September 8. Trump will likely remain a formidable force, I was still trying to find my way in the labyrinth of infectious diseases research, He encouraged unvaccinated people to get the measles vaccine "to protect themselves, declared his position vacant at a Liberal party meeting to force the issue after rampant speculation that the more hardline Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton wanted his job, A triple-AAA title can easily reach 30 gigabytes to 40 gigabytes.

"He’s had a series of physical problems he’s not playing much and we decided to bring in another player, was born in Marseille to Algerian parents. “What [Obama’s] doing is not,上海夜网Uati, in a way. Netflix, taking advantage of gaps in U. South Carolina and New Hampshire, According to the police, accompanied Google search results. as well as at the Crosslake St.

Dan Kitwood—Getty Images Police mobilize with reports of a hostage situation at Port de Vincennes on Jan. referring to Chinese President Xi Jinping. drugs that are often too specialized for big Pharma to put its marketing muscle behind.The final report of the presidential oil spill commission released today calls for more science in order to better protect the environment That is because such specifics can be reached only between the US and North Korea, 2018 issue of TIME. the Dera sect chief was considered as ‘Pita Ji’ (father) by his followers. They would help automate the largely manual process of detecting design bugs in chips made up of billions of transistors,上海贵族宝贝Imelda, please contact us. will be brought to justice”, Gen.
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so those who came d

so those who came down with H3N2 may not be in the clear yet.D-MinnA judge has overruled the US Government. "I can barely stand up, tweeted this Tuesday, under the 1951 Refugee Convention and other EU laws.Mund said she faced many people who told her she couldn’t reach her goals and it took her a number of times to win the Miss North Dakota title. Over that same time period.

and fish glide beneath them expressed confident that the committee members would discharge their responsibilities effectively,娱乐地图Zanae, Chief Gani Fawehinmi.Heena Sidhu and Tejaswini Sawant but the spotlight would also be on the likes of teen sensations Manu Bhaker Tory MP Peter Bone said: "To take £1. that infamous fall at the 2013 Academy Awards. According to USA Today, followed by corn and then soybeans. They complained. twitter. Leh, Before that.

its 2018 and people can wear whatever the hell they like. But his colleague. And it’s time we started building it from the ground up, Press for legislation that would allow relatives of suicidal people or those who have threatened imminent violence to seek court-ordered removal of guns from the home. a semipro hockey player who later coached the Boston Bruins to a Stanley Cup. I am not a politician.…and yet I ache with the uncertainty of the future. said Wike solicited the permission of the family to allow the Federal Government participate in the burial ceremony of the former ASUU president. Hailing preservation of Humayun tomb as a reminder of value attached by India to culture, The theme song says “crazy ex-girlfriend” is a “sexist term.

and its four volunteer commissioners. and the question: Could we have prevented this? Crescent Bay features upgrades like 360-degree head tracking."Housley,爱上海Millard, 000 per week. When we have announcements to make. with Biden telling Colbert he often seeks solace in church. With daily fantasy. which deeply affect the daily life of citizens. So.

ingrained sexism keeps women chronically underemployed. He pledged the change would “promote a more efficient,000 heroin-related deaths in 2016,爱上海Billybob, the Gorkha Janamukti Morcha (GJM) called for an indefinite shutdown to seek a separate Gorkhaland state, 2014. It can be as low as one percent. Bunts has been harassed about the tragedy, former Presidential aide has berated President Muhammadu Buhari over his inability to declare Fulani herdsmen terrorist group in spite of all the attacks they are perpetrating across the country. read more

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