Luzhou couple looking for money to buy drugs to sell high prices

drugs are a great threat to human beings, it is difficult to get rid of drug addiction, but the subsequent high profits or attract a lot of drug traffickers. Sichuan, Luzhou, a couple looking for their own way, from the outside of the country to buy drugs ready to sell back to sell high, did not expect to return to the rental house was arrested on the spot by the police. Recently, Luzhou City Public Security Bureau narcotics brigade District uncovered interprovincial trafficking, transporting narcotics, criminal detention of 2 people, and seized nearly $20 thousand worth of heroin. read more

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Middle aged entrepreneurs must look at entrepreneurial experience

a lot of people want to change their current situation through entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is really very magical, in addition to young people can start, middle-aged people? Entrepreneurship has been pursued by the people, whether young or middle-aged entrepreneurial venture, do not choose to blindly follow the trend, look at what the money will go to investment what, to choose their own love, for their own projects, make full preparations, to find their own idea in the process of entrepreneurship, does not affect the effect of entrepreneurship. read more

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How to choose the right projects for young people is the first step to success

seems overnight, entrepreneurial crowd began to tend to 85 after 90, then, as a new generation of young people how to start a business? Here, Xiaobian for everyone to introduce three good projects, I hope to give you some inspiration.


in the hot summer, people are willing to drink a cup of cool cool Coca Cola beer. How do young people start their own business? You can choose to be in the street square, park corner or residential area of the free zone, put a few umbrellas, put on tables and chairs and beer, open a beer bar. Need to purchase a set of ice beer production equipment, the current market price of about ten thousand yuan, plus other costs, the initial investment of $twenty thousand can be opened. Mainly to provide brewed beer, ice beer and other high-quality new beer, relying on novelty and features to attract customers. read more

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Franchise business skills inventory

a lot of businesses choose to open a restaurant franchise leading to wealth, but there are a lot of things to do not understand. If you want to learn more business skills, you can learn more from other people’s business skills, summed up their own characteristics, and quickly contact us, do not miss.

A, establish awareness, improve the credibility and influence of joining in the local restaurant catering market of

read more

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How to do beauty salons in order to better attract customers

beauty is the nature of each individual, so the market the beauty salon beauty salon business will be so hot, how to better attract customers, managers tried to use all kinds of marketing strategy, here Xiaobian summarized some, let’s take a look.

in an invincible position in the fierce competition in the market, should pay attention to the following details:

A: Hardware

1: the appropriate positioning of the store to fit.

In addition to the

read more

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What are the different location of the clothing store

said that although we all know the importance of the location of shops, however, a suitable location is not limited to one place. And in different places will show different characteristics. So, what are the different location of the clothing store?


site is a long-term investment, compared with other factors, it is a long-term and fixed, but the location is different will affect the health of a business, the following small for everyone to talk about clothing store different location of what is different? read more

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What are the four golden rules of choosing the shop

now, many of the workers have entered the business of the army, want to make their own career, so they have to choose their own shop to make money. So, for the first time entrepreneurs who, in many areas of investment shop are strange, especially the first step is the key choice of shops, today the business network Xiaobian for everyone to talk about the shop to make money four golden rules.

How to choose the

1. line into the city read more

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How to open Taobao store Taobao clothing store

is now online shopping has become a very popular way of shopping at the same time, there are a lot of people have the idea of online shopping, Taobao store has the market very much, then how Taobao Couture? Today Xiaobian together to learn


1, wearing the purchase: the wholesale market, which is a wide variety of buyers wear, so we feel that what kind of wear does not matter. This concept is wrong, do not be too formal and too stylish dignified (how to say the final strength of the gas live ah), it is recommended casual casual dress is better ~~ read more

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How to do the daily management of bamboo fiber textile agency

home textile industry continues to develop, the emergence of many new brands and products, is now popular bamboo fiber home textile products, if you want to open a shop, then how should do a good job in management? A lot of bamboo fiber textile agents are very concerned about this issue, then let’s look at a small bar.

bamboo fiber home textile shop ceiling, walls, floors, counters and merchandise must be promptly cleaned every day, damaged things must be repaired or replaced in time, shall not play uncivilized audio and video products. Require employees to maintain personal hygiene, dress neatly, maintain a good image and mental state for customer service. read more

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Wood flooring stores need to pay attention to what

any new house is to be renovated, and now the popular home decoration wood floor, so open a wooden floor store or a large market. Shop need to pay attention to what? Wood flooring for the industry, the development of space needs to have what skills? How to open a wooden floor shop how to operate it? For entrepreneurial projects, how do we share the business guide? For investors how to deal with?

today, joining the wood flooring industry is numerous, fierce competition between brands, will know this is not a matter of an easy job to do things, no matter who it is, the size of investment, we must thoroughly understand the development status of wood flooring industry before investment, qualified entrepreneurs can develop a complete business plan. read more

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Money should be creative

‘s business as a rigid, not fresh, and now the business also need to inject fresh blood, we all have to love new things, it will open another vast market for you, you will see how to innovation.

A, break the normal procedure of

Swiss Home tab commercial stone case, with stone features to meet customer psychological difference, win the favor. Stone table retail price of $195, strong reaction test. Japan has a cosmetics company, extracted from the eggshell membrane powder, made of advanced cosmetics, with the elimination of skin spots, reduce wrinkles, keep skin delicate and smooth, etc., very popular with customers. read more

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Outdoor supplies store business matters needing attention

as people improve the living conditions of modern people leisure entertainment also tend to personalized fashion, now more and more people travel, so for the outdoor consumption demand is also more and more high, many businesses saw the market opportunities, investment accounts outside the shop, then how to open an outdoor goods store? Investors need to pay attention to the following points:

open outdoor store business note 1 to be interested in outdoor activities.

open outdoor home store investment in fifteen yuan or so, which is the first time the purchase of the need for greater spending, followed by the store rent is sixty thousand. It is reported that as long as the business is not too bad, one year can recover the cost of investment. General outdoor supplies customers, usually friends, and friends who have a relationship with the people, so as to form a virtuous circle, expanding consumer groups. So, looking for a like-minded outdoor enthusiasts do collaborators, means to find a group of potential consumer groups. The most important thing is, if the operator does not understand the outdoor sports, but to sell products, and no professionals to promote it, promote it, the store is difficult to develop. Keep a good relationship with the partners and distribute the profits at the end of the year. Responsible for daily management (such as purchase, sales, etc.) shareholders, monthly wages. The outdoor store is open from 10 a.m. to about 10 in the evening. It takes between 2 and 3 clerks. read more

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Sanya four million capital investment is only for the development of SMEs

in order to develop the economy, to support entrepreneurship, local governments in policy and funding are increasing investment, the Sanya municipal government would like to come up with 4 million of funds to actively support smes. It is understood that there are 18 small and medium enterprises to get the support of this fund.

12 25, a reporter from the city Department of Information Industry Bureau learned that in 2014 the City SME development funds have been appropriated, total support of small and medium-sized enterprises of our city 18, supporting 18 projects, support the total amount of 4 million yuan, 90 million 540 thousand yuan investment in enterprises. read more

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What small free service can be offered to open the store

the same store, the operation of the product will not have a lot of difference, consumers no matter what shops will not have a difference, which also makes the shop more competitive. What’s more, now the store is facing not only the same industry competition, there is competition in the shop. So, do more detailed management, the development of the store’s business will naturally be of great help. Among them, if you can provide a number of small free items, will be very beneficial to the development of the store business. So, what kind of small open shop can provide free services? read more

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