Retailers should pay attention to the preparation of the double sector mistakes

any special holiday, will become the major retail business opportunities for the development of the business, therefore, retailers will naturally do a good job stocking. As the saying goes, "golden nine silver ten", into September, the annual Mid Autumn Festival and national day is coming soon. For retailers, is a rare business opportunity. It should be said that some time ago, when the hot weather is relatively cool, the retail business period, many retailers are stuck for a long time, mustering the effort to the "double" is coming. Today, the two sides came, then how to cherish this great opportunity for retail households, how to seize opportunities for business opportunities? read more

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Three entrepreneurs for college graduates doubt entrepreneurial confusion

college students are always easy to fall into a state of confusion, fear of walking the wrong way, worry about no experience, worry no network…… According to statistics, the proportion of college graduates choose to start their own businesses in about 2.9%, of which more than half of the people in a few years to give up the business, college students really difficult to start it?

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How can the shop name automatics

many, if only changed one word, the outcome may be completely different, which is why many people are now looking for a suitable name. In short, a good name can not only bring good business to their shops, but also allows customers to firmly remember you, let your customers to promote you. The name of the shop with people from the name is not the same, people in their own name only need to take into account their own personality as well as good. However, when the name of the store or to take into account the public’s ability to accept more. The name of a shop is not only novel, but also unique enough to attract customers. read more

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Mobile payment risk prevention tricks

mobile payment in the current has become a preferred way of payment for many people, however, in this increasingly rapid payment today, is also facing a variety of risks. Not only shopping malls can use mobile payment, cigarette retail customers have gradually spread. Of course, while enjoying the convenience of mobile payments, but also to guard against the risks it brings. Today I teach you how to prevent four strokes of this risk:

1, on the phone to set a more complex lock screen password. Apple mobile phone equipment can choose: set Touch ID and password, change the password: password option – Custom alphanumeric passwords with fingerprint function, equipment is difficult to break off the USB; Android equipment debugging, closed only after the restore factory settings can unlock the mobile phone, but all the data inside the mobile phone that will disappear also, there is no possibility of stolen brush. read more

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Tips to teach you to open a good brand of women’s shoes store

women like to buy new clothes, new shoes, so there are many opportunities for the women’s shoes market, want to do business friends can open a brand shoe store. Now the women’s shoes market competition is more intense, want to successfully open the brand shoes store, to grasp some tips shop.

to brand shoes stores opened the first store decoration is not full of sound and colour, lighting and color display of sloppy shoes is very important. It can strengthen the popular theme and coordination with the women’s shoes. The correct shade of light will become the window will change and the unity of the whole, primary and secondary, attractive, the central part of the general window is to produce a unified whole, primary and secondary, fascinating. read more

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How to make car beauty shop more money is the key to decoration

we know that the automotive industry is now very promising investment potential, is the gold plate. So, how to make the car beauty shop to make money? Car beauty shop business affected by many factors, including the decoration is the most critical factor.

1, his position written in the head, let the owners know you probably do what. For example, your sign is XX XX automotive supplies automotive beauty shop, supermarket, XX auto repair center, so that your position is very clear, customers will know what you are, you won’t want to come here for dinner. read more

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How to do the daily management of bamboo fiber textile agency

home textile industry continues to develop, the emergence of many new brands and products, is now popular bamboo fiber home textile products, if you want to open a shop, then how should do a good job in management? A lot of bamboo fiber textile agents are very concerned about this issue, then let’s look at a small bar.

bamboo fiber home textile shop ceiling, walls, floors, counters and merchandise must be promptly cleaned every day, damaged things must be repaired or replaced in time, shall not play uncivilized audio and video products. Require employees to maintain personal hygiene, dress neatly, maintain a good image and mental state for customer service. read more

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