Love = Shanghai index search volume do you really understand the love Shanghai index

so, please always use love Shanghai index webmaster don’t love Shanghai index, learn to query software with some key words (such as Jinhua after word keyword tool) or love Shanghai promotion function, to explore the real search volume keywords. Your baizhanbudai, only after you master the keyword index and real search volume, you can move toward the correct path optimization. "

two, Shanghai

, a Shanghai

in this paragraph is only referred to love Shanghai index and the "network exposure rate" and "user attention", and not a love Shanghai index and search volume, so the Shanghai index search volume is not love. read more

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How to go beyond the competitors in the Shanghai dragon ranking

every day to see some Adsense complaining and crying, why not your website ranking, why their website as well as others website ranking, and the webmaster will say, I are updated every day, every day in the hair of the chain, but why is not as good as others good website ranking. Yes, you every day in the hair of the chain, but also in the update, which is placed in front of the fact, but you only see their own advantages, to see their own efforts, and do not see the opponent to your site every day in the update is not wrong, and the competitor’s website every day in a new whether you see it. If you want to go beyond the competition ranking, you need to work harder than the competition, in all respects superior to rivals, so it has the possibility of transcendence. read more

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The site has been K to restore confidence is more important than gold

when we analyze the reason of the site was when K is not terrible, terrible is that we don’t know why I was K, this website is K didn’t do what to change, is still the daily update content, send some outside the chain, even the efforts are not so big (this may also be the time is now ranked as no K one good reason). In fact, I was on the site after K is still quite rational, in front of everyone wrote an article to do Shanghai dragon website will die only Shanghai dragon website which introduced to hell, but Shanghai dragon is one of many in the promotion, not only put egg in one basket, now the site keywords ranking is not expected, I put in some other local time promotion, put more focus on the B2B, of course, love Shanghai know promotion and promotional video on the two day, actually also > read more

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Hu Junfeng swordsman YouTube ten years tell you little known about the early entrepreneurial experie

at that time, the business they created was worth $1 billion 600 million to shlf1314, giving shlf1314 the world’s second largest social network and the most important online video provider. Since 2006, YouTube has become synonymous with online video, just as shlf1314 is synonymous with search engines.

brings sharing to the world. It marries brands and entertainment. It collapses and leads the industry. Born just 20 months ago, it was bought for $1 billion 600 million, and now it is 1/10 shlf1314. It defied all 1 billion 600 million dollar expectations today, and it was YouTube. In the past February, YouTube was ten years old, and the standard tells you the unknown stories of the early days of the oil pipeline. read more

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Optimization of the life of a rookie of the grassroots

formal schools in Shanghai Longfeng should be considered to participate in combat training camp. At that time, no computer, in the cafes to listen to the YY class. But also just caught the last day, so there is not very understand. So go and see for yourself, go online to see some relevant, do not know how to ask the teacher, the teacher then estimated tired. Poor Jinhua big brother. Ha-ha。 Now remember questions also feel very funny. Then he slowly groping to practice slowly, slowly grow up. Was responsible for a gift network promotion and Shanghai dragon, to find a job in Shanghai do not understand the situation of the Dragon (laughs). Using some methods to learn to do keyword ranking, mainly outside the chain, because the content of the website not to move, there is a proposal to increase the text version, used to adjust the density of keywords and articles. At that time spent about 20 days to a key to the third, is in front of PR, high weight website, I have a new home. From that time I began to really understand a little Shanghai dragon, made some achievements after not afraid. The little confidence soared, but the company did not increase the number of traffic, just proved that he is indeed the key words up to do, and then do a number of difficult words. Over the years the company to raise, because not commensurate with the ability to feel and salary, the company did not agree to dismiss the. Because I believe there will be a better job, at that time did not want to start what, feel the ability is not mature. read more

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Optimization optimization routines share a client website


site is very important, if the internal structure is clear, the optimization will like a tiger with wings added. Is the most basic, the title of the website, keywords, description we put him in order! Many websites are also made by flash, the spider can’t grab, we should get rid of the flash, a text link; Web page to update the content, make our website only constantly updated, the weight will slowly improve for, keywords ranking will have a role in promoting! Finally, I think the most important point is to optimize the customer enterprise website, it is home to add Links to the location of the website. Because many web sites are from other website construction company to do, they do not take Links this position did not go up, we should think of ways to set a Links area > read more

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Love Shanghai new algorithm of fog psychological warfare identification cheating sites

of course love Shanghai cannot use the nobility baby algorithm, but the good thing love Shanghai how can miss Feng Zhiqiang, according to the monitoring data of some industry website shows that the love sea is likely to have been integrated into this concept in the new algorithm is that, when you website ranking flow fluctuation time must be calm there may be, love Shanghai for your site test, do not arbitrarily change, it takes Shanghai dragon Er has enough confidence and ability to predict the operation and technology, of course, if you only know the chain, buy links three Shanghai dragon Er, is likely to see this the adjustment is not calm, from. read more

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Leaves Links exchange to find Links

1, Links platform when we found just in time for Links, in fact there are many sites suitable for connecting with our site do friendship, but can not find contact. Links platform is the ideal place for Links. There is a lot of Links platform will provide some information for each site of the Shanghai dragon, such as: included quantity, time snapshot, PR chain. Do these can be used to judge the suitability of link exchange data reference for us. There is the most Links exchange platform will classify the website, then you want to fast for their own web site Links is very convenient. read more

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The industry Web site should be how to determine the frequency of updates

2, located in the Post Bar industryThe data of

Post Bar in reference to have certain limitations, some industries are not suitable for Post Bar reference data, because some industries will brush in advertising related Post Bar, such data have no reference value, for example, we cited above, plastic industry examples. So what kind of industry is suitable for reference Post Bar data? Like targeted users are concentrated Post Bar, such as gardening, cooking, so the industry can refer to the data Post Bar. Take the culinary industry as an example, we can refer to love Shanghai Post Bar in cooking, look at the bar in the daily amount of post. Here is a little attention, rather than the amount of post replies. read more

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Network marketing company APP why Xinghuoliaoyuan

article from: Guizhou network company: 贵族宝贝gzgaoyidu贵族宝贝 original starting Adsense nets, welcome to reprint, please indicate the

network high was focused on the development of various network marketing tools, for enterprises to establish a website, mobile terminal development, visual design, planning and marketing network marketing in the APP company now also has done a lot of research has been very gratifying results, and to recommend such a new way of marketing experience of many enterprises. read more

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Shanghai Longfeng Web Page Title Optimization of several key points to note

Web Page Title Optimization of key points, one is not long but remain in the title title words within 25 words; two words is more important user needs more, try to put in front of the title; three is not too much the number of keywords in the title, to avoid prolonged weight dispersion ranking cycle is the best, keep in about 3; four is the title must be correlated with content that is to say, "

For these reasons The

page title should be at the center of the contents of the whole page and the specific point, all the contents of the page description and all optimization methods, must be carried out on the title. But the content is only around the title to start, in order to play the biggest role in the title. Because the title is not only the entrance to guide readers to read the entire article, and tell readers what is this article written. More important is to tell the search engine, the core content of this page will describe. read more

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Discussion why Shanghai dragon Er always produce waste

to buy something. I am not good at bargaining, so to buy online; the day is uncomfortable, with no need to search out the symptoms, with an uncomfortable body to the hospital to go out hard; do not know how to walk the traffic, or rely on search engines. No exaggeration to say that no search engine, I live inside most things can’t do.

see a lot of the Commissioner of the chain work, to solve the employment problem of short, from a social point of view should be said to be good. For example, many Shanghai medical group, accommodation, salary of about 2000. Although the treatment is very poor, but not for migrant workers can not find work back and helpless. read more

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Google panda algorithm 2nd Anniversary offering love Shanghai Scindapsus

February 19, 2013, Shanghai love released so far for the most influential "green" algorithm, but also have a great influence in the domestic Shanghai dragon ring. The impact is still continue to observe in.

panda algorithm was originally called "the farm", mainly for those who use a large number of low quality content to get good rankings of "content farms" website. Then according to the algorithm and a member of the group changed its name to the panda. Different and love Shanghai, noble in the baby is released at the beginning, it is not clear that the website. Noble baby spam for Matt in just talk ambiguously on its blog said: "I think you will understand the effect of the algorithm’s website types.". Indeed, some of the Shanghai Longfeng research company by contrast, soon found clear point of the algorithm. read more

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The breadcrumb navigation URL and influence on Shanghai Dragon


breadcrumb navigation category

, breadcrumbs, in the noble baby search results have shown that


breadcrumb navigation not everyone can easily get, the algorithm currently seems very mysterious, but after all testing, found the breadcrumb navigation code in the source code is on the position that there will be a big advantage, will be more likely to be your family accept (this is not the only baby the algorithm is just a test and guess Shanghai dragon ERS)

not specially in the breadcrumb navigation add too many keywords anchor text links read more

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Shanghai dragon how to write articles and send the chain


boss: "you can update how many articles

near the entrance, online examinations began preparations for college entrance examination content integration zero writing "just a few months ago, before any competitors, to carry out the contents of market competition, the news platform and website, only through the historical content arrangement, integration of content and obtain high quality online examination. This way. "Online examination" not only in the early acquisition of rival flow to support the ranking, also has the priority in the post ranking and flow contention. read more

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The core of multi product enterprise website Shanghai Dragon Keywords layout

classification can help us to quickly determine the effect and the difficulty of the key words, I will be divided into: simple core keywords, long tail keywords, popular keywords, add keywords.

enterprise selection is very troublesome, because the vast majority of enterprises in a variety of products, very few enterprises is only one or two products. Therefore, the number of keywords to become one of the layout problem. In addition, in different places, the same product has many different names, alias names, also increase the keyword type. For example, the author is to optimize the corporate website, the name of the high pile machine there is a lot of, stacker is actually a warehouse used in elevator, also called hydraulic machine, stacker, lifting car etc.. This is just a product, there are many kinds of names, words search volume is almost the same, so the choice is too much. read more

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Talk about the core special class website optimization ideas

special website refers to the

forum is an interactive website, the website is called WEB2.0. Simply means that the user is browsing the web content, but also create web content. So the website optimization is the core of the main forum on shaping the value of the site, retain more and more natural user. Allow a user to come later to second times, third times. Further it is to meet the needs of users, allowing users to get their needs.

Optimization of

movie and novel site is mainly rely on advertising for profit. read more

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Read the love Shanghai grab and included the page analysis of value trend of love Shanghai

b) reprint operation content: it is not love love Shanghai do not reprint the content, but.

love Shanghai hope high quality sites included

The first point:

a) to create custom content: here the self created consists of two points, the first point is the administrator to create your own, usually in the blog, CMS system, and then publish some administrators own point of view, and then click and draw the user’s attention, the formation of this mode is generally based on the formation of a certain degree of visibility, then you can share feeds the authority, for example on Krypton 36, and so on, many editors published articles, then released in 36 krypton, then through this platform to the A5, Chinaz, the Internet information platform, which is also called the blog content platform; another point belongs to the open content platform, this platform the general focus on the forum, the third party blog, but now the third party blog services are very few, so it is common in the forum, because in In the forum, is the moderator maintenance content, and content generation completely from the user, the result is nothing more than quality content to be screened dragons and fishes jumbled together, to step by step is finally obtained, but the forum a lot of content at the same time let the quality of the content is not good judgment, but for the love of Shanghai, all of these can meet a certain degree of user needs, because the forum itself is a platform for users, these users often meet to meet the whole world, but remember there must prevent spam, rejected all the AD. So, these methods can create content is recommended to maintain good, every website is a responsibility of the site. read more

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Several commonly used methods to increase the chain using experience

6. to develop their own software released to the famous download station

1. using the chain software, online tools and other techniques

3. exchange Links

The release of

blog is really a good way to increase the chain, but the one or two blog is clearly not enough. Some owners in order to increase the chain, once for a hundred to a space. This method carefully and properly used, is indeed a good choice. But remember. Don’t use Blog Tools Group suddenly send hundreds of Blog search engine, or to be considered cheating. If you want to apply for a blog then I suggest for love Shanghai space, love Shanghai after all would prefer its own products read more

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Some conjecture on 1KK movie network will not be included in the page

second, I think the reason not to be included in the website page and content may also related to the quality, because this is the television station the author took over the site, most of the content is collected, there are few pseudo original content, so let alone what high quality original content, in fact, this is very adverse to the web page the spiders are included, because love "fresh taste", we all understand. Then the content of a website has a lot of repetition, I think it’s because of repeated acquisition acquisition to the content of it, this is actually on the search engine is very unfriendly. The advice given here is, every day can update, but the amount must keep up, more original, less duplicate content. read more

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