Arrest in 2004 Hamilton murder

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Additional video: Hamilton Police news conference (Update)It’s been 9 and a half years since Jay Page was viciously murdered in his Hamilton apartment. But Monday, Hamilton police announced an arrest in his killing. But investigators are still searching for more suspects.Hamilton police arrested 37-year old Richard Bennett and charged him with first-degree murder. Bennett has been a person of interest in this case for a long time. And police say he is only one of a number of suspects, but there is hope for the victims family that this is a huge break in the case.Roger Page was Jayès father: “They promised us this case would be solved, and they kept their promise.”Jay page was 29 years old when he was killed.  He was father to a 7-year old son, and saving for a house with his girlfriend.  9 and a half years after the killing, today brings some closure for his familyRoger said: “The heartbreak of it is that, although we are pleased with the arrest, nothing will bring Jay back to us.”Jay page was killed on July 29th 2004. His body was found by his girlfriend in their apartment. His hands were bound, he had been stabbed many times. Police exhausted all leads in the investigation, releasing security footage of a suspect using page’s bank card moments after the killing, also giving a specific description, but years later, no justice for Pages family.Marlene Page in 2010: “It’s not easy getting up every morning, not knowing, why, why this happens to your family.”In 2010, police even offered a $50,000 reward. Today they said Page and Bennett knew each other through work.Detective Sgt. Paul Hamilton: “Mr. Bennett was known uh to this investigation from the get go.”In 2012, Hamilton police dedicated more resources to this case, and worked with the centre for forensic science, as well as a private DNA lab in Pittsburgh. Richard Bennett is currently serving time on an unrelated offense and was arrested at the Central North Correctional Centre in Pennetanguisine. And though they have an arrest, there is more to come.Detective Hamilton said: “We know Richard Bennett did not act alone, and we are now focusing on other suspects. My message to them is simple; turn yourself in.”Police would not say if the suspect photo shown here is Richard Bennett. Only that they are looking for at least 2 more people. Bennett was transferred from Peneteguishine here to Hamilton where he was formally charged with first-degree murder.

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