Poll Should large fizzy drinks be banned

first_img Yes (433) Poll Results: A JUDGE IN New York has quashed plans to ban the sale of giant fizzy drinks in the city, re-opening the debate about whether it will be possible to implement the prohibition on selling the drinks.The city’s mayor Michael Bloomberg has proposed the ban on drinks above 470ml in size from fast food and other restaurants in a bid to tackle obesity levels. Figures suggest around 6,000 people die in New York every year from problems related to obesity.However critics and lobby groups say the proposal is ineffective as people can just buy as many smaller drinks as they want, and the ban would not apply to supermarkets or shops. The proposal was also criticised for encroaching too much into people’s lives.So today we’re asking: Should there be a ban on the sale of large fizzy drinks in Ireland? No (1367) YesNoVotelast_img

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