November 24 2002 Concrete pump operator Tim with

first_imgNovember 24, 2002 Concrete pumpoperator Tim [with cowboy hat] of O’Brian Concrete Pumping is directingthe concrete nozzle with Roma Tre student Anita Maruccia on his righttranslating requests from the Sicilian crew. This pour includes thecomplete wall panels between Unit 6 and 7, between Unit 7 and 8,between Unit 8 and 9, and between Unit 9 and 10. [Photo & text: sa] Sicilian crewmembers Filippo and Rosario Bisconti are supervising the concrete flowinto the new M2 panels. [Photo & text: sa] It’s a tricky jobto vibrate the concrete within the small crevice of these panels.[Photo & text: sa] The Novemberworkshop is getting their first construction experience finishing thetop of the wall panels. [Photo & text: sa] The extra concreteis often used to make pavers. [Photo & text: sa]last_img

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